Is stress affecting your life?

Heart power, heart prana

Heart power, heart prana

Searching for stress relief without medication?

Welcome to HeartPrana, the site dedicated to stress management, healing, and transformation through the power of your heart. The power of heart prana—the heart’s vital life force energy.

Prana is Sanskrit for “life force energy,” and yoga teaches that prana rides on the wave of the breath and its home resides in the heart. With every breath we take in prana, this vital essence. Stress causes our breath to be shallow and weak, seriously compromising our prana intake.

Prevent • Heal • Transform

Stress sets off a chain of events that causes anxiety, depression, and ultimately major illnesses.  Most people know this, but what do we do about it?

Manage stress, anxiety, and overwhelm by tapping into the life force energy (prana) within your heart.

HeartPrana syncs evidence-based heart rhythm training (HeartMath®) with 11-Minute Kundalini meditations to manage stress (prevention), heal compromised nervous systems (restoration), and opens new portals of human potential through these techniques (transformation).

HeartPrana’s unique East meets West approach is consistent with both up-to-date scientific literature and yogic healing methods that have stood the test of millennia. HeartPrana uses a powerful method she has innovated which emphasizes biofeedback training to optimize the rhythm of the heart beat for wellbeing along with use of highly refined Kundalini yoga breathing and mediation techniques.

Explore simple tools and techniques presented throughout this site to relieve stress naturally, without the harmful side effects of drugs.